- The DM&IR "G" Class and "G1" Class Cabeese! -

In "N" Scale !

- Updated - Friday, February 24, 2017 -

Above is one of our "G" Class "Long" Cabooses...    ( We call 'em Cabeese... Like in: Goose / Geese...)    If this caboose had come from the T&P, they'd have called it a "drovers" caboose, what with the side door for loading baggage and probably a couple additional seats for the occasional extra rider...    Click Here or on the photo above to enlarge it so's to better be able to see the DETAIL our builder crammed into this little darlin' . . .

Then click on the thumbnail below to view one of its companions, the "G1" Class "Short" Caboose.

Click Here , or on the above thumbnail for a larger sized view of this "Pilot / Sample" model. We require Pilot models for all of our projects so we can check to see if the builder has it "right" before we commit for a given project. As you will see, though lookin' pretty good, they've a ways to go yet 'fore they'll be acceptable.

We're accepting Reservations Now for these fine models. We've also made the decision to include one of these "Cabeese" with each locomotive, packaged in the same box as a "set". Of course, some cabooses will be available separately but best you reserve yours soon ! Click Here to email us for a link to get your printable Adobe Acrobat "Advance Reservation" Letter for the upcoming "Iron Range" train equipment we now have in the works.

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