~ An DM&IR "M3" Class "Yellowstone" & Caboose ! ~

A pair of FineScale Brass Models for the Serious"N" Scale Modeler !

You're looking at a broadside of one of our Worthington Feed Water Heater equipped "M3's". (The Feed Water Heater is the small, rectangular "box" just ahead of the smoke stack. )

The Yellowstones are big locomotives in any scale. But just to give you some idea of the actual size of the loco and tender you see here, it measures right at 9.5 inches, measured over the footboards ! On my 21" monitor, the loco and tender measure 8.1 inches. So the models in this photo scale out to be about 15% smaller than actual "N" Scale Size.

For a true measure of the quality our builder Boo-Rim Precision built into these models you need to Click Here ! Or on the photo above for an enlargement that'll blow you away ! ( It's just slightly over 1 meg in size. )

[ It will open in a different window. If it isn't some 22 inches long you need to go to "Tools" / "Internet Options"/ "Advanced"; then scroll down to "Multimedia" and make sure the box next to "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" is UN-checked. ( This is for Microsoft's Internet Explorer users. I haven't a clue what you'd do if you were using anything else. Sorry. )

This is a BIG IMAGE! You'll have to pan it across your screen using the scroll bars, but we're so proud of her we just can't wait for you to see the DETAIL we've crammed into these exquisite models! ]

Click Here or on the "thumbnail" above to have a look at "M3" #224 !

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